Friday, February 22, 2013

Long time, no say (write)

The sad news is all of our ducks are gone.  That stupid fox.

The good news is I got to go up north and stay with Nana and Papa.  Ella and I got to see the Saranac Lake ice castle again.  And we had a good time watching the Back to the Future movies.  We also visited a historic house that was at one point owned by the abolitionist John Brown. 

The happy news is I got to to Wednesday night's guitar circle at the Cock'n'Bull and play again. 

What did Holden learn?

History is all around us, not just in the books at school.

What would Holden do?

Learn from our ancestors and give everyone he meets "an equal chance in the battle of life" 
(a quote from Robert Smalls, a former slave and member of Congress).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Belated Birthday Bucks from Aunties and Uncles

This past weekend, I got mail and then I got guests.  Those experiences=Holden the hundredaire.  I will spend my money on a remote controlled plane that I have wanted since Dave from guitar circle told me about them.  Now I am determined to get to the hobby store ASAP. 


We used to have seven and now we have six.  Last Tuesday I came home and heard very sad news which toppled my happy day.  My parents announced we had lost one of our ducks because a hawk or other animal attacked it.  We buried him and I'm going to stop there because it makes me emotional to think about too much. 

What did Holden learn?
Things can get upsetting pretty fast.

What would Holden do?
Be happy about the time he has/had with his animals.

Monday, October 8, 2012


It's been awhile since I've written so I'm going to cover ten happenings from the last month.

 Fishing--Labor Day weekend,  we went out on our boat and the motor broke down. We (really, Daddy) had to row.  While we were fishing, we saw this huge fish jump.  Ella had her worm on a lily pad.  Daddy thought she was caught on the lily pad when she said she had something.  But, it turned out it was a large-mouthed bass.  Ella (with some of Daddy's help) reeled it in and Daddy was about to put it on a stringer and he had Mommy look at the NYS Fishing Guidebook to decide if we could keep it up.  She said it had to be bigger.  So we threw it back.  Then, Daddy realized she was looking at the trophy section and the fish was way beyond the required length.

School--My teacher is Mrs. Page and she has me working hard.  Right now, I'm running for Student Council, starting intramurals again, and practicing my trumpet.  I'm really excited to do my State in the Box project and I also am looking forward to in the winter having a Civil War snowball fight--with real snowballs.  At the end of the year, there will be an auction for a huge dragon named Fred.  I'm saving all of my Scottie bucks so I can win him.

Anika's birthday--Anika turned 7 on September 19th.  We went to her party on September 15th.  Her dad put up a tightrope.  I made it across the first time without using my hands.  After we ate, we went back out and the tightrope had been moved so the distance you walked was longer.  It was a lot more difficult to walk across.  When it got dark out, we sat on the trampoline, watching the wish lanterns launch.  Ankie also put a stick in the bonfire that changed the color of the fire to greens and blues.  While we were there, we built a fort, rode the zipline and tried to scare each other in the dark. 

STAY TUNED AND I WILL WRITE ABOUT THE OTHER 7 TOPICS THIS WEEK!  I'm off to have dessert, read and go to bed. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Star Wars with Uncle Wayne

On Saturday night, I watched The Return of the Jedi and my favorite characters were the Ewoks.  They were so cute and funny.  One of my favorite scenes was when Darth Vader is staring at Luke Skywalker getting zapped and then after a while decides maybe he should push the emperor and save his son. 

What did Holden learn today?
Ewoks are smart. 

What would Holden do?
Respect the force.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Blues

School shopping is stressful because there is so much stuff to choose from and you can't get everything.
Another downer is that I might not get to go to the Cock'n'Bull guitar circle again until November.

What did Holden learn today?
There are such things as RangeRovers.

What would Holden do?
Spend his time wisely in the next week. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Uncle" Dave

Dave plays the mandolin in the guitar circle.  He is a funny guy.  One of my favorite things he does is that he always wants to have me stay longer and he says my parents can leave me there.  He is also funny when I wear paste in my hair and he calls me Justin Bieber.  Also, he isn't afraid to tell me I wear too much cologne!  He gives me good advice about who to tip and what to own when I'm older.  Cars and guitars! 

What did Holden learn today?
The Hartford Whalers were a hockey team.

What would Holden do?
Tip his barber, his waitress and his bartender.