Friday, February 22, 2013

Long time, no say (write)

The sad news is all of our ducks are gone.  That stupid fox.

The good news is I got to go up north and stay with Nana and Papa.  Ella and I got to see the Saranac Lake ice castle again.  And we had a good time watching the Back to the Future movies.  We also visited a historic house that was at one point owned by the abolitionist John Brown. 

The happy news is I got to to Wednesday night's guitar circle at the Cock'n'Bull and play again. 

What did Holden learn?

History is all around us, not just in the books at school.

What would Holden do?

Learn from our ancestors and give everyone he meets "an equal chance in the battle of life" 
(a quote from Robert Smalls, a former slave and member of Congress).

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